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CuddleCot donated to University Health

Story and Photo by Angela Thomas,

Childbirth is quite often a joyous occasion, but for parents to have to experience a stillbirth, it causes some serious distress.

The purpose behind the CuddleCot is to give families time to bond with their stillborn infants. The Shreveport-Bossier CuddleCot Campaign raised $4,000 to purchase one for University Health. The campaign's Lisa Rowell says she got the idea after going through her own tragedy.

"In 2013, we had lost our first-born, Julianna," Rowell said. "We were unable to spend much time with her. So about six months later, the Lord put on my heart to purchase this device."

University Health President Mark Randolph says this donation is significant.

"For our patients, the CuddleCot will allow the mother to actually have that time in case of a stillborn infant, to be able to bond with the baby and actually go through the process of grieving," Randolph said.

The key is the cooling pad. According to the CuddleCot website, it can be used in any basket, crib or bed. It's connected to an insulated hose, and is quietly cooled -- preserving the baby without being too cold for the parents.